Rep. Marron fighting against the Governor’s “Graduated Tax”

We need to check our spending problem in Springfield before we can come back to the taxpayers again! 

SPRINGFIELD…State Representative Mike Marron (R-Fithian) joined many of his fellow legislators to once again make the case against the latest proposal to change the Illinois Constitution from a flat income tax system to a graduated/progressive system without set tax rates. Senate Joint Resolution Constitutional Amendment (SJRCA) 1 proposes to eliminate the flat tax and institute a system without set rates that can change every year.

“I ran for the General Assembly to work for the tax payers of this state and my 104th District to try to get a handle on our disastrous spending habit,” said Rep. Marron. “It is not right to change our Constitution to allow for taxes to be raised on any group of income earners each year without set tax rates. This gives a blank check to the Governor and the Democrats to spend even more taxpayers’ money without any reforms or fiscal restraint.”

Up until now, talk of a graduated income tax rate has targeted those who make more than $250,000 a year. Gov. JB Pritzker says the new revenue will be enough to shore up state finances. Rep. Marron and his Republican colleagues continue to argue that the unexpected uptick in state income tax collections in April of $1.2 billion makes any tax hikes unnecessary to balance the budget this year or next, and the Governor’s own Budget and Revenue offices have both said the trend will continue to improve due to the federal law changes.

The amendment will require a three-fifths majority in the House to pass. If the graduated tax passes the House, the question of whether to amend the Constitution to allow for a graduated income tax will be on the ballot for Illinois voters to decide in November of 2020.