Rep. Marron Votes NO on Mandating Fingerprint Database For FOID Card-holders, 400% Increase In FOID Fee

SPRINGFIELD…State Representative Mike Marron (R-Fithian) voted against legislation that would greatly expand regulations of firearm ownership in Illinois. Among other new regulations including a 400% FOID card fee increase, the legislation mandates new Firearm Owner Identification (FOID) card applicants and renewals to provide their fingerprints to the Illinois State Police (ISP).

“Illinois has consistently created the toughest firearm regulations in the nation, and now we are going another step further creating additional barriers and penalizing law-abiding citizens,” said Rep. Marron. “These proposed regulations on law-abiding gun owners are punitive and an invasion of their privacy. I will continue to oppose these gun control measures because our constitutional right to keep and bear arms should be preserved and protected.”

The legislation, Senate Bill 1966, would reduce the length of time a FOID card is valid by half, from the current 10 year length to 5 years, and increase FOID card application fees by 400%, from the current $10 every 10 years ($1 per year) to $20 every 5 years ($4 per year). The most expansive and invasive regulation in the legislation mandates fingerprinting for current FOID cardholders upon renewal of their card and new FOID card applicants. The legislation tasks ISP with maintaining the fingerprint database.

The legislation passed the Illinois House of Representatives and now moves to the Illinois Senate for concurrence.