Rep. Marron’s Weekly Roundup!

This week I continued my District-wide speaking tour.  It was a wonderful opportunity to meet with some outstanding professionals from the Banking industry from the District for lunch last Friday. We had a great discussion from representatives from the local banks that have a strong investment in our communities. 

It was valuable to bring all the stakeholders together, as we talked about issues important to the success of these small entities that serve our smaller communities, and in many cases, cater to Agriculture lending. Ag lending is something that is so critically important to the economy of our area.  I want to thank the individuals who took the time to visit with me about concerns they have on issues that emerged from Springfield in the Spring Session.

Service Clubs do a lot of great work in our communities, and I am proud to say that I serve as the Vocational Service Chairman for the Danville Rotary Club.  Service Clubs are also a great venue to get information out to people who really make the district work.  Last week, I was invited to speak at the Danville Kiwanis Club, and this week I was able to visit and speak at the Rantoul Rotary Club! I always love attending our community gatherings and sharing information with some excellent community members!

After the Rotary Club, I was very happy to hear that the Rantoul City Schools received grant funding to implement a parent-mentoring program.  Our office was able to play a supportive role in helping with the grant process for the school district and hearing that we received the grant was great news!  Anything we can do to help bring much needed resources back to the District is a priority for me.

I have often said that one of the best things about my job is that I get to learn about so many different subjects.  I’m truly blessed to be able to be educated in so many areas and on so many issues.  Learning about certain issue areas can at times be tough, but being able to understand the needs in integral services provided in communities across the state is priceless. 

The Alzheimer’s Association held a listening session on Thursday for Congressman Shimkus and me.  It was a forum where family members of people afflicted with this terrible disease could talk about their personal struggles as their loved ones faced this terrible battle.  The people in attendance were very strong and courageous as they told their heart rendering stories.  The listening session was extremely emotional, but I learned a great deal about the daily struggles and needs that the families in this position go through and need help with. I will remember this experience when we are making tough decisions in Springfield.

Labor Day Weekend is upon us, and boy has summer flown by! I am looking forward to an exciting weekend of fun events as we wrap up the season and head into fall.  Thank you for all the input you’ve offered as I made the rounds after session.  Fall will be more of the same as I stay out and about in the District and we start planning for the 2020 Spring Session.  Keep reaching out and letting me know how you feel and have a safe a fun Labor Day Weekend!