Rep. Marron ecstatic to hear Haven Gaming chosen to collaborate with Danville on Casino

SPRINGFIELD… State Representative Mike Marron (R-Fithian) today released the following statement on Haven Gaming being chosen to collaborate with Danville on a new casino:

“One of the promises I made to my district was to bring home a Danville casino. The 104th District has long deserved to be included in any gaming expansion proposal to boost our flourishing tourism sector, and bring good paying, stable jobs, and new opportunities to our area.

“My predecessors, Rep. Bill Black and Rep. Chad Hays worked very hard on a Danville casino during their time in Springfield. So I am proud to have been able to continue their work and ensure that Danville was included in this highly competitive process this year.

“Haven Gaming’s proposal is truly exciting news for the 104th District –it will be a game changer for the community of Danville. Our area deserves the hope and stability that this project represents. We deserve the opportunity to redefine our local economy in a positive way, bring in hundreds of new jobs, and bolster tourism in our beautiful area. I look forward to seeing the progress and want to thank the countless community members whose tireless work throughout the years was essential to this becoming a reality.”