Rep. Marron Files Bill to Improve Local Election Efficiency

SPRINGFIELD… State Representative Mike Marron (R-Fithian) filed House Bill 5309 this week on behalf of a bi-partisan panel from the Vermilion County Board.

Rep. Marron said, “Recently, several County Board members from both parties approached me to write legislation in Springfield to make it easier to put a referendum on the ballot to combine the duties of the Danville Election Commission into the purview of the Vermilion County Clerk.”  

“The idea of combining the two would be strictly to save taxpayer money by eliminating one of the two departments that are doing the same job.  There would be no change as far as voter access or precinct structure; however, this would simply be a way for the election process to run smoother as one holistic entity,” said Rep. Marron.

Rep. Marron added, “The legislation, if it passed, would simply allow the County Board to put the measure on the ballot for the voters to decide.  The final decision on whether or not to do this would be up to the voters.”

Vermilion County Board Chairman Baughn said, “I brought forth this proposal to Rep. Marron after several Board members from both parties approached me after an extensive discussion on this issue that has been ongoing for several years. I believe this issue has been long debated and it is time to put the question up to the voters to decide on the election committee consolidation.”

Vermilion County Board members Bruce Stark and Becky Stark (D-District 9) support the legislation to have the Vermilion County Board by referendum eliminate the Danville Election Commission.

“I appreciate the support I’ve received from county elected officials from both sides of the aisle,” Marron said. “As the Session continues, I look forward to continuing this discussion and doing what we can to improve efficiency at every level of government.”