Rep. Marron to Governor – Re-engage General Assembly Now

Danville, IL…State Representative Mike Marron (R-Fithian) is standing with the House Republican Caucus calling on Governor Pritzker and Speaker Madigan to reconvene the General Assembly in order to discuss getting the Illinois Economy reopened in a safe and swift manner.

“It is past time for Governor Pritzker to stand with all co-equal levels of our Government to work and collaborate in a bi-partisan and productive manner,” said Rep. Marron. “The administration’s approach doesn’t provide any hope to small businesses that help is on the way or that a light at the end of the tunnel even exists. The consequences for these hardworking entrepreneurs are dire,” said Rep. Marron. “The Governor’s plan continues this shutdown in perpetuity. He is making decisions that will affect the financial health of Illinois for years to come. The legislature needs to be involved in decisions of this magnitude.”

Rep. Marron said, “Over two weeks ago we called on the Pritzker administration to fix our broken and failed unemployment system, provide access to public spaces across the state, and present us with a realistic plan to move the state forward.  At a time when Illinoisans in distress need state government the most, the government is failing. Thousands of hardworking families live paycheck to paycheck and now have no way to put food on the table for their children.”

Marron says the Governor’s unilateral actions have resulted in mass layoffs and furloughs in every part of the state, with nearly 500,000 residents filing for unemployment, and countless others who cannot get through to IDES and are not receiving deserving benefits.

“We all agreed that the stay-at-home order was the right thing to do to stop the spread of the virus and it has done its job to flatten the curve enough that the Governor to begin dismantling the overflow capacity that was quickly built up at McCormick Place,” Marron said. “The Governor still needs to get IDES working efficiently, especially for our self-employed workers who have no idea when they will be able to apply for benefits.

Marron also called on the governor to reconsider his ‘Restore Illinois’ plan to provide more relief for the restaurant and hospitality industry.

“The hospitality sector bars hotels, and restaurants, employ 10% of our Illinois workforce. The plan released by the governor this week will cause irreparable damage to the entire hospitality industry,” Marron said.

Marron says there are many pressing issues facing the General Assembly if Democrat leadership will use their power to call the House and Senate back into Session.

“In addition to COVID-19 related legislation, the House and Senate have a lot of work to do. Throughout the entirety of this crisis, the General Assembly has been completely sidelined. Before this started, we were demanding ethics reforms, property tax reform, and badly needed reforms for our economy. We have a responsibility to govern as a co-equal branch, but we cannot begin to fix our state’s many problems unless we are in Springfield working together to solve problems,” said Rep. Marron.