Rep. Marron Votes NO on Unbalanced Budget Containing Pay Raises for Politicians

Rep. Marron Votes NO on Unbalanced Budget Containing Pay Raises for Politicians

SPRINGFIELD…. State Representative Mike Marron (R-Fithian) voted no on the Budget Implementation Bill (BIMP) and the FY 2021 budget, citing record spending at a time when Illinois revenue has been drastically reduced as a result of the COVID-19 crisis.

“This budget borrows too much money and spends too much money,” Marron said. “We know there will be an extreme decrease in revenue due to the COVID-19 crisis and the governor’s orders that shut down businesses since March.”

Rep. Marron said, “This Democrats-only budget contains a pay raise for Illinois politicians! That is outrageous! Democrats are on record supporting giving unprecedented power to Governor Pritzker, who has repeatedly shown a lack of ability to make solid decisions. That has been the case especially when it comes to the management of the unemployment system. Governor Pritzker’s administration can’t even run a website, and we are expecting him to manage $7 billion? This new power comes at a time when the Governor is actually threatening local governments that he may withhold federal pass through dollars if local municipalities stop complying with his Executive Orders.”

Marron says the COVID-19 crisis has been an enormously challenging time for everyone, but that true leadership is shown during a crisis.

“For a state that is trying to help the people in a crisis with no money and nothing but excuses. Governor Pritzker has failed to bring the people of this state together in a collaborative and meaningful way and the Speaker failed to engage the legislature to aid in these tumultuous times,” Marron said. “This governor has shut our economy down and kept people in their homes for seven weeks now. He has failed to consult with local units of government or the legislature to craft his reopening plan or this out of balance, record spending, irresponsible borrowing budget.

Marron also fought hard and voted against automatically scheduled pay raises for lawmakers.

 “I sponsored legislation to remove legislative pay raises last year,” Marron said. “I donated my legislative COLA last year to local charities in my district and I pledge to do the same thing this year again. Illinois Democrats have once again shirked their fiscal responsibility to live within our means. Too much borrowing, too much spending.”

The legislative Cost of Living Adjustment or COLA increase is an automatic provision in the Budget each year, unless the General Assembly votes to prohibit it, which is what HB 2965 would have done.

 “I am completely adamant that Illinois legislators do not deserve to have a pay increase until we start working together on both sides of the aisle to address our growing pension debt, especially now with over one million unemployed Illinoisans at home wondering how they are going to make it through the week,” said Rep. Marron.

Rep. Marron said, “The Democrat’s 2021 budget spends roughly $42.9 billion even though the State only expects to bring in a little under $36.8 billion, $5 billion of which comes from additional federal borrowing, which is to be paid back over the next decade, bringing a $2 billion dollar increase to our new ‘21 budget over last years “balanced” budget.”

 “I voted no on the Budget Implementation Bill (BIMP) and the FY 2021 Budget because there were zero fiscal reforms. This budget shows no fiscal restraint and potentially leaves hard working Illinois taxpayers on the hook for a big tax increase if the Federal government doesn’t come through. Tonight, House Democrats bet the financial future of 12 million Illinoisans on Nancy Pelosi getting along with Donald Trump. That should tell you how in tune touch this budget is with reality.”