Rep. Marron Responds to Governor Signing HB 3653

SPRINGFIELD… State Representative Mike Marron (R-Fithian) released the following statement following today’s bill signing of the sweeping police reform jammed into the final hours of lame duck session:

“Legislation aiming to alter the very foundation of policing in Illinois must not be jammed through the last minute of Veto session. Not to mention there is no support from any law enforcement group, republican legislator, or the overwhelming majority of our state’s prosecutors.

This bill creates hundreds of new regulations and rules on law enforcement, but fails to bring any reforms to reduce crime or helping criminals change their behavior. Further restricting the ability of law enforcement to do their job makes us all less safe.

I voted no on this bill for several reasons, but I was most ashamed of the partisan process for bringing this 611-page behemoth to the Floor and the backroom dealings to get this bill passed. I was astonished to see such sweeping reforms rushed through in the middle of the night after stripping financial and minority notes.

After one of the most bloody and crime-ridden years the City of Chicago and our State have seen in a long time, we can see that there is problem here in Illinois. Our caucus stands united to work with the majority party to bring positive change to Illinois, but this bill does nothing to eliminate or reduce the rampant crime we see.

At a crucial time when we should coalesce around the good men and women of law enforcement, Governor Pritzker has turned his back on them with his signature on House Bill 3653.”