Rep. Marron Announces Natural Gas Subject Matter Hearing

SPRINGFIELD… State Representative Mike Marron (R-Fithian) released the following statement following Energy and Environment Committee Chair Williams decision to allow a subject matter hearing on the natural gas price spike and economic impacts.

Rep. Marron said, “Chairwoman Williams has announced a subject matter hearing tomorrow, April 20, 2020 at 5:00 pm in Springfield. I, along with Westville Mayor Mike Weese and a constituent, will provide testimony and share the facts from this terrible situation.”

“Many efforts are underway to find the underlying cause of this incident and help get relief to our residents that need our help the most. This issue particularly hurts residents of municipalities that have a contract with independent suppliers, some from other states or regions, to get their natural gas supply, said Rep. Marron. 

Rep. Marron said, “The pain has been especially tough for individuals and families with low or fixed incomes that continue to deal with the financial woes of the pandemic, particularly our senior residents.”

“I appreciate Chairwoman Williams for her leadership on the Energy and Environment Committee and for calling this special subject matter hearing. Hopefully, this meeting brings us closer to a resolution for our residents,” said Rep. Marron.