Rep. Marron Congratulates Larrielle Wilson On Successful Internship

SPRINGFIELD… State Representative Mike Marron (R-Fithian) and Vermilion County Circuit Clerk Missy Quick released the following statement:

“Larrielle Wilson came to my office last year for a discussion about my role and her passions for law and government, and she asked me about different opportunities within the community that might help her explore this field before she attends college next year.

I made a call over to Vermilion County Circuit Clerk Missy Quick to discuss internship opportunities for our youth and the conversation was extremely productive. Missy Quick and I were able to collaborate on this project and create an immersive internship working within the Circuit Clerk’s office.

I was able to pay for the internship out of my campaign fund and Missy was able to utilize Larrielle around the Circuit Clerk’s office in a wide range of duties and assignments all semester. I am so excited to have such great collaboration within the 104th district to come together and create these awesome opportunities for our rising community stars.

The 104th district is extremely diverse from our small town agricultural hubs to the City of Danville. It is important to highlight the opportunities available in the district and work on immersing more people to these rich experiences, especially when they have such a great passion for something at a young age.

I hope we can continue to help, create, and innovate opportunities here in Vermilion County. I want to give a big congratulations to Larrielle Wilson for trailblazing this internship experience and thriving at the role!”

Vermilion County Circuit Clerk Missy Quick said, “I was honored to be able to collaborate with Representative Marron on this internship.  Larrielle was a wonderful young lady to work with and has a bright future ahead of her.  I hope her time here in the Circuit Clerk’s Office will be beneficial to her future endeavors.”