Rep. Marron Urges Local Control of Covid Mitigations Moving Forward

DANVILLE… State Representative Mike Marron(R-Fithian) said, “It is time the Governor relinquishes his unconstitutional grip of power against the people of Illinois and allow county and the elected school boards to handle Covid mitigations moving forward, especially for the upcoming school year.”

Rep. Marron said, “As we approach the new school year, it is time to give the local authorities the power to determine the safety and education of our children. The state is far too diverse with too many factors to approach this new academic year in the same way we did last year.”

“I have received dozens of constituent calls concerned about the quality of life of our youth. There are deep rooted sentiments concerning another out of touch state-wide approach will have on the mental and physical health of our kids,” said Rep. Marron.

“I stand with these concerned parents and agree that we should allow the elected school boards determine the protocols for the new school year locally,” said Rep. Marron.

Rep. Marron said, “Allowing local control will provide for greater public discourse and a localized approach that is best for each school district to ensure the quality of education and safety of our children is met in each district.”