Rep. Marron Appointed to Legislative Ethics Commission

SPRINGFIELD… State Representative Mike Marron (R-Fithian) received the appointment to the Legislative Ethics Commission this month from House Republican Leader Jim Durkin. Rep. Marron released the following statement:

“I want to thank Leader Durkin for appointing me to the Legislative Ethics Commission. I came to Springfield promising the 104th District to be the vocal crusader against this absolute corruption plaguing the Statehouse for far too long.

I am excited to work with my colleagues advancing legislation to combat the gamesmanship former Speaker Madigan championed. Running an ethical and transparent government is not hard, but unraveling decades of status quo will be a major challenge.

My hope for this committee is to collaborate with all the stakeholders addressing the root cause of ethics violations found in Springfield and create good, bi-partisan legislation to remedy these issues. It is obviously time to find real solutions on government accountability, but I don’t think we will find the answers until we collaborate and work together.”