Rep. Marron Opposes Liberal City Bill Allowing Lawsuits against Gun Manufacturers

SPRINGFIELD… State Representative Mike Marron (R-Fithian) is sounding off in opposition to legislation he says threatens Constitutional protections for law-abiding companies and gun owners.  

“I decided to run for State Representative for many reasons, but one of the most important was to stand against overzealous Chicago political nonsense,” Marron said. “I’m standing up against Illinois Democrats treating the citizens of this state as if their political agenda carries more weight than our Constitutional rights. I stand for a strong 2nd Amendment agenda that includes the elimination of the FOID system.

Marron also called for a full audit of where exactly the tens of millions of dollars of FOID user fees have been redirected during the past decade. “House Bill 4156 is a strong sign of where the Democrats are hoping to push this radical anti-gun agenda in Illinois,” said Marron.

“Democrats sponsoring legislation that would unfairly punish law-abiding companies instead of providing resources to combat the abhorrent crime is another prime example of the out of touch virtue signaling bringing the state to a halt. Chicago Democrats bear responsibility for the chaos we see on the streets of Chicago, in Danville, and across the state every weekend,” said Marron.

Under the newly introduced ‘Protecting Heartbeats Act’ (HB 4156), any Illinois resident other than a state or local government officer or employee may bring a civil action against a gun manufacturer, importer, or dealer whose gun is responsible for bodily injury or death.

“Despite this most-recent legislative effort being completely devoid of any logical sense or Constitutional validity, I have to wonder just how far the Chicago Democrats are willing to go to punish law-abiding companies and citizens?” Marron asked. “This past summer, I wrote at length about the last minute sweeping police “reforms” enacted in the middle of the night by the slimmest allowable constitutional majority. The only law enforcement official that supported the Democrats anti-police bill was Cook County Prosecutor Kim Fox. Chicago Democrats’ policies have been crystal clear the past decade: the police are the bad guys, the criminals get a pass, and private law-abiding citizens are left with fewer and fewer tools to protect themselves,” said Marron.

Marron notes news of the bill’s filing comes on the same day the city of Chicago announced it is installing ‘hundreds of kits’ in city buildings to treat bleeding gunshot victims.

“Legal guns and law abiding citizens are not the problem in Chicago, the politicians are,” Marron said. “The carnage we see every weekend from Chicago to Danville and Decatur and across Champaign County is a tragedy of epic proportions for families, youth, and communities,” Marron said. “Law-abiding companies and citizens are not the problem. We must not enact laws that punish law-abiding companies and citizens for the sins of liberal progressive politicians and their failure to reduce crime and gun violence with their unconstitutional political policies.”