Rep. Marron Says Now is the Time for Meaningful Ethics Reforms

Springfield… Upon news of the federal indictment of former Speaker Michael Madigan on racketeering charges, State Representative Mike Marron (R-Fithian) released the following statement.

“I came to Springfield to bring the honest, hard-working perspective of the 104th District to the heart of Illinois government, and I have been a vocal advocate protecting the rights and integrity of our district and the people that call Illinois home.

“It is time for my colleagues on the other side of the aisle to join me in standing up for these hardworking Illinoisans and say enough is enough!

“After hearing Federal Prosecutor John Lausch deliver the harrowing news of blatant corruption by former Speaker Madigan and high ranking elected officials across the state, it is nigh time to get this right for our citizens.

“Our former Legislative Inspector General Carol Pope quit her post in disgust for the lack of true ethics reform initiative by the majority Democrats in Springfield. Pope offered several proposals to alleviate many of her concerns, which have long been touted by the House Republican Caucus and enumerated in current legislation.

 “I stand for the hardworking tax payers in this state that have had enough of the political games, corruption, and complete failure of public trust propagated by the House Democrats. It is time to usher in these much needed reforms and pass truly meaningful transparency measures” said Marron.