Rep. Marron Votes No On Democrats Latest Gun Grab Bill

SPRINGFIELD… State Representative Mike Marron (R-Fithian) released the following statement following the House passage of Senate Bill 2226, which aims to again prioritize criminal behavior over the constitutional rights of law abiding gun owners in Illinois.

“Tonight, Democrat lawmakers from Cook County introduced and passed their latest firearm ban under the guise of SB 2226 House Amendment #2, a.k.a. HB 5855.

“This is another prime example showing the Democrats’ playbook to continue their assault on lawful gun owners’ protected constitutional rights. It is time to stop appeasing national special interest groups and actually work on fixing the fundamental issues within our communities.

“I will always stand up for our constitutional rights and common sense. The House Republican caucus stands ready and willing to collaborate on stamping out crime and corruption throughout Illinois, but this legislation does not do anything to stop criminals.

“Criminals will break the law no matter what the law is and this bill will not scare them away from committing crimes. The Democrats need to get serious about working on real solutions to curb the criminal brazenness plaguing our communities.

“Banning guns, banning standard capacity magazines, banning commonly used devices, even those many with disabilities rely on to shoot safely, creating gun registries, and making criminals out of law-abiding citizens does nothing to address the growing mental health crisis in our state and nation.

“If a law-abiding gun owner already owns a gun that is now banned when the law takes effect, they will have to register their legally obtained gun with the state in order to legally own the gun.

“Requiring a registry of banned firearms purchased legally is just another step closer to requiring the tracking of all guns purchased by law-abiding gun owners.

“Multiple court cases have already been settled at the United States Supreme Court in cases where Democrats in other blue states across the country have passed gun registries and gun bans. Today’s effort will be found unconstitutional as well. 

“I voted against the latest firearm ban under SB 2226 because it is unconstitutional and will make law-abiding gun owners criminals – I will always support the Second Amendment Right to Bear Arms.

“This bill again goes way too far. I hope my colleagues on the other side of the aisle learn to govern in a constitutional manner moving forward.”