Marron Responds to Reporters Question on the ISBE funding flop

Rep. Marron joined House Republican Leaders McCombie and Hammond in a press conference today to discuss their disappointment in another partisan budget. This budget is not balanced and includes huge funding holes on vital programs like the after-school resources we utilize here in Vermilion County that will now have to shutter.

“ISBE has admitted their fault on this. That agency is hand-picked by Governor Pritzker. His lack of accountability on this issue continues to be astounding and an incredible disservice to downstate taxpayers. He is choosing to continue to shortchange us and undercut promises—all the while introducing a $50.6 billion dollar spending plan that includes $18million in ISBE dollars for Democrat pet projects; funds that could instead be used to cover existing promises he made.

The ESSER funds his office claims “fix” this problem equate to federal COVID relief dollars that have already been allocated and dedicated in each school district. His only other answer to this issue is to raise local taxes to cover the tab.

In short, this comes down to state agency mismanagement, a lack of accountability, and bad budgeting. When you have an opportunity to fix a problem, Illinois taxpayers deserve solutions.”