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Marron Honors the Life and Legacy of Late State Representative Bill Black

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Under Governor Pritzker’s “leadership,” Illinois state agencies have continually failed the people of Illinois. House Republicans are fighting for more transparency and accountability from our state agencies so that Illinoisans can be sure their hard-earned tax dollars are going to good use. Let’s give our residents the open and honest state government they deserve.


More than 1,000 federal COVID-19 relief loans for struggling businesses went to city of Chicago employees. And while the city’s Inspector General said in a recent report that some of the loans had been obtained legitimately, a substantial number of the identified loans have indicators of potential fraud.

News on Embattled DCFS Agency:

After failing for years to fix the unacceptable issues in our current system, the Governor proposed a new state agency this week. There is no doubt that reform is needed at our state agencies, but the problems will persist if the Governor continues to run things his way.

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